Unit Testing to User Acceptance Testing



RMN offers a complete and comprehensive range of testing services that enables you to ease the process of bringing the projects to implementation and reducing the total cost of producing quality software. Our service expertise range from Unit Testing to User Acceptance Testing.

We follow the V- Model methodology, where test activity is implemented in parallel with the development activity. Testing is performed at every phase of SDLC, each phase is further divided into number of tasks, where each task is executed and result is rated. This rating is used for quality and performance evaluation of the product.

Our unique services are designed to meet the growing needs of today’s software development and information technology organizations. We assist clients in successfully delivering products and information systems of the highest quality, through cost effective testing solutions.

Our team of dynamic and skilled testers is experienced in multiple testing projects on a diverse range of environments. Our Domain Experts work collaboratively to effectively address the client’s concerns and deliver solutions that actually meet the customer’s expectations in the shortest possible time. Our automation specialists are skilled in using test automation tools.

Our services also include support for Quality Assurance, Project Management, Change Control Management and Release Management.

Focus Areas

Mobile Application Testing
At RMN, our team has in-depth knowledge and understanding to address the challenges in Mobile Application development. We provide fully managed testing services in every stage of SDLC to accelerate the Application development process. We focus on every aspect of mobile testing like product quality assurance, performance on various network and bandwidth, Interoperability, Multi platform testing, Reliability estimation.

ERP Testing
An Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system is a centralized system that consists of all the software modules that an organization needs to manage their business. It integrates all functional departments of an organization. These systems are almost always customized based on the client’s organization type and need. So, rigorous testing is a MUST to deliver a quality product that guarantees business benefit.

At RMN, we offer ERP Testing solutions that will address several issues occurring while migrating data between systems, connecting to unlimited number of legacy systems, adding or removing software modules based on the client’s requirements etc. Our rigorous testing processes will ensure that every component of the system is tested thoroughly.

Enterprise Testing
An Enterprise System is large scale integrated software. It is much more superior and complicated system as it supports Customer Relation Management, Supply Chain Management and Enterprise Relation Management of any organization. Testing an enterprise application is very hard because of the complexities of the processes and volume of the transaction data.

Our experienced team of testers brings industry standard best practices, process and methodologies that will help you improve quality and reduce the cost and time-to-market across your products. Our testing process mainly focuses on 3 main components, Usability, Performance and Functionality Testing.

Security Testing
Security is the most important feature of any software application. It is very critical to identify the security risks at an early stage of development. At RMN, we offer excellent industry standard security testing solutions to address every aspect of an application’s security vulnerability. We will help you to identify business risks that are caused by the security vulnerabilities.

Testing Services

Our Testing Services include:

Manual Testing
Manual Testing is the oldest and the most important software testing methods for testing the defects in software. It requires a tester to play the role of an end user and perform manual test operations on the software. It is a laborious process, where the tester often follows test plan and test cases to ensure correct behavior of the product.

In an Agile methodology, product functionalities keep changing, so test automation is not possible. In this case, manual testing is the best suited testing method as it does not use any test automation tools.

Test Automation
Manual Testing helps finding defects in an application but it is a laborious and time consuming process which in turn affects the project cost. Test Automation has the capability to decrease the overall cost of testing and improve software quality. It automates the manual testing process by writing software program that can run the manual test cases quickly and repeatedly.

Our Automation Testing experts have extensive experience in automating the test scenarios and cases to achieve fast and accurate test results and provide real benefit to the project in which they are implemented.

Compatibility Testing
Compatibility testing is used to measure how well your software application or hardware device functions in concert with relevant hardware, software, operating systems or network environments.

Along with the software testing, our team is capable of performing hardware testing to ensure compatibility between the hardware and software and with all the operating systems.

Performance Testing
Performance Testing is performed to determine the system performance in terms of responsiveness and stability under a particular work load. This type of testing is performed not to find bugs but to eliminate bottlenecks.

Our team will help you to improve the performance of your system at any stage of the development. We will serve to investigate, validate and verify quality attributes such as scalability and reliability of the system and ensure that our customers achieve optimum performance results.

Integration Testing
In Integration testing process, individual program modules are combined and tested as groups in multiple ways. This process can detect issues in the system components at an earlier stage.

Our team performs integration testing in two methods i.e. bottom –up method and top-down method. These two methods will cover the complete application testing and hence help the customer rectify the issues found and improve the system performance.